We had a limited run of John Middendorfs original Hurricane Drills made. When they are gone, they're gone! As many of you veterans know there is no better or faster set up for drilling by hand on lead. These drill holders can accept virtually any size drill bit (with appropriate collet) and they are 100% MADE IN USA!
Key Features are:
- Wrenches can tighten both 3/8" and 1/2" 5-piece bolts
- The Holder is made from heat treated 17-4 stainless steel
- Hardened striking insert, chamfered to prevent mushrooming
- Swaged wrist loop with PVC tube
- PVC Vinyl flanged grip to deflect missed hammer blows
- Each drill comes with holder, collet nut, 2 wrenches (9/16 & 1/2" combo and 7/8 open & closed end combo), 25/64" DA200 collet (fits all SDS drill bits as well as 25/64" HSS drill bits)
-Weight: 17.2 oz  (with collet)
$124.99 EACH (does not include shipping) 

 ___________Extra Wrench Set

Loose your wrenches? Have an old Hurricane that needs a set? Want a light weight set to tighten 5-Piece bolts?
We have extra wrenches available. We beefed up the thickness on this run and re-designed them a bit to eliminate the need to carry a third wrench for bolts. Sold as a set.
$10.00 a set 

Extra Grip for holder

We had extra made incase you need to replace the grip. These have been cut down to size on a lathe to fit the holder and expose the proper amount of wrench flats.

$9.00 EACH

Extra 25/64" DA200 collet

This is a replacement for the collet that is included with the drill. This is the size that you want for all SDS Drill bits and for 25/64" HSS drill bits (for drilling 3/8" holes)

$15.00 EACH

 25/64" HSS Drill bit

These are what you want to drill 3/8" holes fast. Bit life depends on rock type. Must be ground/sharpened to a cutting tip. 
$9.00 EACH

Rivet Hangers

We offer 3 different sizes in hangers #1 (1/16) #2 (3/32) #3 (1/8) made with genuine Nicopress Tools and swages

#1 $3.49 each
#2 $3.99 each
#3 $4.00 each

Copper/Alumi heads

All of our heads are made with genuine Nicopress tools and swages. Cable sizes are #1 (1/16), #2 (3/32), #3 (1/8), #4 (5/32)


#1 $3.49 each
#2 $3.99 each
#3 $4.99 each

Aluminum heads

#2 $3.99 each
#3 $3.99 each
#4 $4.99 each

Pin Ripper (Funkness)

Made from 5/32 7x19 Aircraft cable

$12 EACH